Dayton Children’s Hospital uses Qumulo solutions

Qumulo announces that Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH) in the United States has chosen the Qumulo File Data Platform to support multiple critical applications for patient care, research, security and communications.

Medical devices generate massive digital files. Quick access to imaging data and information is essential to providing the highest quality healthcare. To facilitate the management of its cutting-edge medical imaging records and the growth of patient volumes, the Children’s Hospital of Dayton needed an intelligent, high-performance data management solution to support its archiving and retrieval systems. transmission of images (PACS) as well as data from imaging applications.

“We are achieving better patient outcomes using Qumulo by enabling physicians to retrieve images quickly, even in our most urgent and difficult cases,” said Mike Brady, Infrastructure Network Supervisor at Dayton Children’s Hospital. “Qumulo works almost on its own. It allows my team to do their job better and gives me the confidence that we will be able to take charge of the many projects and changes that are before us ”.

The Dayton Hospital IT team is responsible for the entire data lifecycle, from creation and processing to retention. Thanks to Qumulo the hospital can thus manage large workflow peaks and can thus effectively increase the performance of different applications when necessary, then redistribute the performance for other users once the peaks have subsided. The Qumulo File Data Platform consolidates dispersed file data from local, remote and cloud locations into a centralized data repository. Computers can then easily break up the files into data sets that are useful for researchers and physicians.

“Seeing Qumulo helping one of the top-rated research hospitals make a difference in saving children’s lives is inspiring. Using Qumulo to manage and understand the impact of data couldn’t be more compelling, ”said Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo. “Enabling hospitals like Children’s Dayton to save more lives underscores the importance of radical simplicity and the ability to easily manage massive amounts of data. It is the essence of health care ”. To keep all patient data secure and accessible, the DCH has chosen to integrate the Qumulo platform into Change Healthcare’s PACS system, which manages high-resolution medical images. Qumulo secures critical PACS data by replicating secondary copies in a secondary environment and moving aging images to cold cloud storage for archiving and compliance.

DCH is a leading care and research pediatric hospital providing state-of-the-art care with the only level 1 pediatric trauma center in the region. Research and patient care are at the cutting edge of progress and make it possible to establish diagnoses and treatments in a wide range of fields: pediatric orthopedics, oncology, neurology, pulmonology, etc.


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