Daydreamer Anticipations 14 July 2020: Can insane of jealousy …


Let’s see what the Advances of the Soap Daydreamer episode – The Wings of the Dream reveal. Here’s what will happen in the episode of July 14, 2020 on Canale5.

Let’s see what the Advances of Daydreamer of the episode of 14 July 2020. Nelle Weft dell’episode broadcast at 2.45 pm on Channel 5, Nihat he’s tired of his home life and has taken the vegan kofke business seriously. With Muzzafer it’s at Osman they engage in this strange business and look for a shop where they can move for sale. in the meantime Sanem continues to believe that Levent both Albatros and after an inspection of the sheds of Remide, gets involved in a strange dinner and a dangerous after dinner …

A new job for Nihat in this episode of Daydreamer of July 14, 2020

With Mevkibe at the command of Leyla, Nihat he found himself doing homework. Tired of staying home without dad doing anything Sanem threw himself headlong into vegan kofke trade, that Osman began to prepare in his butcher shop. Nihat wants to move forward and can count on the help of Osman himself and of Muzo, excited about this new activity. However, Mr. Aydin needs to find a shop in order to market their products and plans to use a part of his shop. It ends however to unleash the fury of Mevkibe.

Advances Daydreamer: Can jealous of Sanem

The advertising campaign for organic products from Levent starts from the inspection of the warehouses bought from Remide. Can, Sanem, Levent e Poland they are all together on the spot and while Divit and Aydin are at ease between dust and rubble, Polen and Levent are completely uncomfortable. Sanem continues to scan the new Fikri customer with curiosity, convinced that he can be his Albatros while Can has a new rival. The photographer has in fact understood that her colleague erroneously believes that Remide’s son is her mystery man and does everything to divert her from this opinion. Meanwhile at Fikri, Theirs gives the task to Ceycey of occupy of the catering vegano for the shooting to be held the next day.

Daydreamer Anticipations: The jealousy dinner

After the inspection it is time to go to dinner. Poland booked in an exclusive place e Levent he is invited to join the group. Also Sanem she gets involved in the evening, which turns out to be very jealous very soon. Can realizing that Levent is trying to seduce Aydin, gnaws from jealousy and ends in turn, to annoy Polen with his attitudes. In a moment of distraction he tries to persuade the girl not to trust their new client and that he, of course, cannot be his Albatros. Sanem, annoyed, asks him not to intrude.

Daydreamer Anticipations and Plots of July 14, 2020: Polen discovers that Can is in love with Sanem

After the eventful dinner, Sanem pretends to be accompanied by Levent to unleash the jealousy of Can and take him away from her. Dog Poland, visibly drunk, they come home and the Divit – furious at leaving Sanem in the arms of his rival – he leaves the beautiful physics on the bed asleep and goes out to clear his ideas. Polen wakes up suddenly, alone and desperate. The girl calls Sanem asking her to help her find Can and Aydin runs to her aid, sensing where the photographer may have hidden. The Advances of Daydreamer they reveal that the two women will arrive at Can’s secret hut and that Polen will find out the truth about her boyfriend.

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Daydreamer – The wings of the dream airs every day from Monday to Friday all 14.45

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