Daycare centers and early childhood education

The department for day care facilities and early childhood education in the Archbishop’s Ordinariate bundles various areas of responsibility.

This includes the training of educators and, in connection with this, responsibility for the Catholic technical schools for social pedagogy. Questions about the connection to a bachelor’s degree are also dealt with in an exchange with the universities.
Another area of ​​responsibility focuses on questions of early childhood education and upbringing. The presentation accompanies and supports the implementation of the Baden-Württemberg orientation plan, especially with a view to the education and development field of “meaning, values ​​and religion”. In addition, religious education and upbringing in elementary education should generally be promoted and the corresponding framework conditions should be further developed.

In addition, there are around 980 Catholic day-care centers for children in the Archdiocese of Freiburg, in which around 60,000 children are cared for by more than 12,200 educational professionals. They are educational institutions with a public mandate and pastoral places at the same time. Questions about their specific educational and upbringing mandate or their involvement in the parish pastoral work are located in the department, as are the tasks of the agency.


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