Day of mobilization and strike this Thursday, September 17 in Côte-d’Or

A day of mobilization at SNCF, RATP or even in National Education. The CGT, rallied by the Solidaires, the FSU and several youth unions, but also by “La France Insoumise” at home in Dijon, calls for demonstration and strike this Thursday, September 17.

“Recovery plan” versus “rupture plan”

Denouncing “the recovery plan” and asking instead “a plan of rupture” the unions demand, among other things, measures for “employment”, “public services”, increases in “wages” or the establishment of “32 hours”.

“A strike out of habit”

At the SNCF, the movement should be of “low magnitude” forecasts the Minister for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari which tackles what he calls “a strike out of habit”.

A CGT railway worker demonstrates in May 2018 in Dijon © Maxppp
JC Tardivon

What are your reasons for going to the demo?

And if you had to demonstrate, what would you demonstrate for? We asked you the question avenue Eiffel in Dijon. “I am for the reduction of working time” explains this employee. “We in the building work 40 hours. There are so many people unemployed if that can allow to employ more people it would not be worse” he continues.

“The minimum wage was good 40 years ago”

For that other young man, cap on his head, there is a real problem in terms of salaries in our country. “I moan all the time about the minimum wage” he asserts. “The minimum wage was good 40 years ago, today it’s dead. We work like dogs and we have a shitty salary. I think that we should” pull “the employers’ charges, because if the small bosses had less expenses, they would pay us better. ”

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“Ecological demands”

Further on the shopping square on the boulevard des Bourroches side, this young woman comes out of the pharmacy, her little girl by her side. “No reduction in working time, because I don’t think that we are overwhelmed. I will surely put forward ecological demands. Make sure that we respect a little the nature that we have around us . If we could do that already, that would be good. “

Where and when are we going to demonstrate in Dijon, Beaune and Montbard?

In Dijon, the CGT announces a rally from 2 p.m. starting from the Place de la République. In Montbard, the meeting point is set at 5 p.m. from Place Gambetta. In Beaune, a gathering is scheduled for 11:30 am at the Rond-point du Center commercial Leclerc.

  • Sandrine Mourey, secretary general of the CGT departmental union of Côte-d’Or, is the guest of France Bleu Bourgogne this Thursday, September 17. You will hear it live between 7:30 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. (98.3 or 103.7).
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