Davinson Sánchez assumes his role at Tottenham

So far this season, Davinson Sánchez has barely added 835 minutes on the field, which means 9 complete games. Very little for a player who came as a bet on the future and since Pochettino left he has not managed to consolidate himself as a starter again. The Colombian continues to be important to the coach and this was demonstrated in the last FA Cup game where he was the starter and captain. However, It is clear that for now his role in the team is more than being an alternative for a DT who opted for Romero to be the first central defender.

Davinson arrived at Tottenham at the age of 21 for a figure of more than 40 million euros. Five years later he has lost regularity and although he continues to seek to be the protagonist again, he has understood that for now the coach’s preferences are different, but he is still available when needed. Although he has been questioned about his levelIt is clear to him that if he achieves greater continuity, he can once again be the leading defender that he was a couple of seasons ago.

“Definitely. As a player, especially at my age, knowing that I am very capable of playing in this team, I think that when the time to play does not come it is very difficult because you are also an international player, and seeing that situation you don’t want to disappear from football. But I’m still here, I’m still competitive and I’m still showing that I’m ready to play. If the coach says I deserve it, I’ll do it. If not, I’ll bide my time and then maybe.” there is a decision to be made. I have to show that I am professional enough to deal with this type of situation.”, affirmed the Colombian to ‘Football London’.

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Davinson and his relationship with Antonio Conte

The Italian has always supported the Colombian, and has even asked him for more concentration to avoid mistakes that he sometimes makes. For the defender, the relationship with DT has always been transparent.

“The coach is very close to me and speaks to me in the right way all the time. Of course, he has to make decisions at the end, like any coach.. Every three or four days he has to make decisions about who can start the games. We have to always be ready,” said Sánchez.

Finally, he reiterated that his job is to always be available and if he is not a starter, always support those chosen by the coach. “I am in a team that tries to be competitive in all competitions, so the most important thing is that we are there, pushing the guys who normally start at the moment and waiting for our moment. We have to be ready, we have to prepare in the right way so that when the time comes for the game we also have to show ourselves”.

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