Davidová and Krčmář shone. Bohemia even defeated the phenomenal Bö

Czech biathletes Markéta Davidová and Michal Krčmář won a podium at an exhibition in Wiesbaden.

Davidová finished second in the women’s race, Krčmář took third place in the final, which was run on six laps with five stops at the shooting range.

In Germany, David lost 25.8 seconds to the Frenchwoman Julia Simon, who was flawless in shooting and hit all 25 targets. The Czech national team had to recharge four times with five items.

Among the men, the Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet won with three spare bullets. Nor Tarjei Bö finished second, although he had to stop for ten seconds in the penalty box due to one undefeated target.

The innkeeper lost to him by four seconds, the second of Johannes Thingnes Bö’s brother duo, who also had to take a forced break, but kept behind.


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