Davide and Serena leave “Temptation Island” together

It is a happy ending “the journey into feelings” of Serena and Davide. The bell couple comes out of “Temptation Island“convinced of having found a new balance to continue their story away from the cameras. After a moment of uncertainty where Serena seemed to have a particular interest in her tempter, the young lovers managed to clarify themselves during the instant confrontation bonfire asked by Davide.

I understand you“, these are the words of the Campania after the companion explained his position and his intentions within the village. Accused of being too jealous and obsessive, it is Serena who wanted to participate in the program, precisely in order to test her partner’s jealousy and to make him understand that something absolutely had to to change. This is, in fact, Davide’s promise for the 25-year-old: a new life together, without absurd privations, with more confidence and less jealousy.


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