David, OSSS: “why continue to denigrate the Social Health Workers with complementary training?”. – AssoCareNews.it

The letter from David Gheller, Specialized Social Healthcare Operator, reopens the discussion and controversy on this category. The reader accuses us of partisanship.

Dear Director of AssoCareNews.it,

I have been one of the “infamous” for 6 years Social Health Operators with Complementary Training in Health Care (third they for friends). Or as you have written several times on this magazine, pseudo nurse / clone of nurses / oss transformed into a nurse with a few hours of course and so on.

I wanted to tell you first of all to rest assured: I did not suddenly become a nurse nor have I ever replaced a nurse. Sometimes I think I have done my job in a better way because I am more trained.

I am writing to express amazement, indignation and anger at the aggressive campaign you are carrying out; in fact it would be enough to stop just a second to read the resolution of the Veneto Region not only to realize that it is a mere course that does not (obviously) involve any change of job or career advancement, but which takes note of a training path complementary to the classic one of OSS already started by other regions almost 20 years.

It is also truly incredible how a newspaper that deals with a world such as the health one where for years we have been dealing with transversal skills, advanced skills confuses TECHNICAL ACTS with the skills of health professionals: many of the technical acts covered by the training that you are contesting they are not specific competences of the nursing profession. On the other hand, it is the specific competence of the nursing profession to plan and take overall responsibility for patient care: this makes the nurse a nurse, not the single technical act.

I don’t think you don’t know these things very well too. Just as the local OPI do not know that these days to give answers to disoriented and confused members are writing press releases full of a blind corporatism that has never been good for nurses or for the country. Rather, I think this is a sad campaign to increase your visibility at a time when the whole health sector is tired, confused and angry. You will surely earn some likes, you can be proud of it.

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With unchanged esteem.

David Gheller, OSSS

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