David Chokachi: – This is what the star of “Baywatch” looks like now.

The drama series ‘Baywatch’ took viewers by storm in the 90s and got a total of eleven seasons. The last episode aired in 2001, but fans will probably never forget the tanned lifeguards and all the drama that unfolded.

The series has had many big names cast among others David Hasseloff (70) And Pamela Anderson (55).

Another star that fans will remember is David Chokachi (54). The now 54-year-old actor landed the role of lifeguard Cody.

A HAPPY REUNION: In 2011, the very first seasons of Baywatch were released on DVD.
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I had no experience

Chokachi had no acting experience when, aged 27, he was cast in the series in 1995, according to Danish Image magazine.

Chokachi had actually done some modeling work, as well as having an education in political science.

When he stepped into the role of well-trained lifeguard Cody in the hit series, he almost became an overnight star. According to Billedbladet, the actor has found that the better shape he is, the more scenes he has landed in the TV series.

Photo: Fremantle Media/REX/NTB

Photo: Fremantle Media/REX/NTB
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In 1999, however, the adventure came to an end, when Chokachi chose to leave “Baywatch”. Subsequently, he had a few minor roles in other series but never achieved similar success as he had while a part of the drama series.

Here’s how it looks now

Today the star is 54 years old and according to the film’s website IMDb he is still an active actor. In 2022, he had roles in ‘Trail Blazers’, ‘As Long As I’m Famous’ and ‘Adeline’.

It also seems like the star, even after her ‘Baywatch’ heyday, has been concerned with keeping herself in good shape.

Wondering what he looks like? Check out the pictures below!

2016: Meet the former star of

2016: Here is the former ‘Baywatch’ star pictured in Los Angeles in 2016. Photo: MediaPunch/REX/NTB
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2014: This photo was taken in New York, in 2014. Photo: Gregory Pace/EIB/REX/NTB

2014: This photo was taken in New York, in 2014. Photo: Gregory Pace/EIB/REX/NTB
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The star shares his life with Susan Brubaker, with whom he has been married since 2004. Together they also have an eleven-year-old daughter, Brit.

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