David Bustamante boasts of a great body and breaks instagram

Compliments are not lacking. David Bustamante has revolutionized instagram again with his last pose. The singer is happy for the arrival of his new little brother for his daughter and very happy with Yana Olina. Of course, at the moment it seems that expanding the family is not in their plans. What has become clear is that Bustamante has put the batteries in this exercise. The interpreter has left all his followers amazed with his progress in the gym.

First words of David Bustamante after the rumors of pregnancy of Yana Olina

First words of David Bustamante after the rumors of pregnancy of Yana Olina


At the moment, they have no intention of being one more at home. David Bustamante came out of the rumors that pointed to a possible pregnancy of his partner, Yana Olina, after putting some baby booties on the Christmas tree. The singer and the dancer, who are going through a moment of happy stability, do not have it in their plans. With the arrival of the future son of his ex, Paula Echevarría, it seems that they will be happy.

The singer took advantage of the snowfall and low temperatures to also star in his winter pose but it was not exactly the picture that his instagram followers were looking at. Bustamante has taken it upon himself to be in good shape and boasts of a great body. A tight white T-shirt revealed the physique she looks after her obvious transformation. The singer returns to show off as he did when he still spent summers with Paula Echevarría on the beach.

David bustamanteDavid bustamante

instagram @davidbusta

After a complicated stage with the divorce from Paula Echevarría, David Bustamante has found stability. With a solid relationship and a professional career that jumps from music to television, the Cantabrian can rest easy.

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