Dave Chappelle: Transgenders themselves show aggression and want to be feared

Celebrity comedian Dave Chappelle continues his war against transgender people. In 2021 his jokes led to a whole strike inside Netflix, and last year the trances got Dave’s show canceled in Minneapolis. On the recent Midnight Miracle podcast, the artist went into a bit more detail about what happened and accused transgender people of inciting violence against themselves for the sake of the hype:

Trans people always say that my jokes can somehow be the root cause of violence against them, which they think will inevitably happen because of my jokes. But I have to tell you that even though they behaved disgustingly, protested, threw eggs and pieces of the fence at people, cursed and shouted, none of my fans attacked them.

I was upset. I was angry not because of the cancellation of the show, but because of the statement that the organizers released. Are you sorry? For wanting to let me perform? What is there to apologize for? For the position I held? You may not agree with me, that’s fine. But who cares? I am against the approach “if we don’t like something, then you have no right to say it.”

Transgender people want to be feared. They kind of say to me: “If you dare to say something against us, then we will punish you. We will come to First Avenue and ruin your show, we will come to the Varsity Theater and ruin your show.”

However, all this does not prevent Dave from continuing to talk on any topic. For example, at the end of last year, he joked about the Jews.

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