Daughter threatened to kill Huawei receives a letter with a “bullet” sent to a home in Canada.

Daughter “Huawei” was threatened to kill – January 14 BBC Report that Mrs. Meng Wan Zhou Executive Vice President And Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Huawei Chinese multinational technology company Was threatened after receiving the letter. cartridge Some were delivered to her home, which was under house arrest. In Vancouver British Columbia Western canada


The testimony was made available at the British Columbia Supreme Court on Jan. 13 local time by: Mr. Duck Maynard Chief Operating Officer Lion Get Risk Management (Lions Gate Risk Management), a security company for CFO Huawei.

Mr. Maynard testified that Meng received 5 or 6 death threats at her villa. In June and July 2020 and that The letter is easily identifiable by marks outside the letter. Also Sometimes there are also a number of bullets inside the envelope.

The reaction of the Vancouver Police and the investigation is unclear.


Ms Meng was arrested in December 2018. At Vancouver International Airport According to the United States arrest warrant Charges of bank fraud and Make HSBC Bank (HSBC) violates US sanctions. After Huawei negotiated business with Iran.

The lawsuit created a split between China and Canada. Chinese authorities have repeatedly called on Canada to release Ms Meng. And responded by detaining two Canadian citizens in prisons and questioning.

Meng was subsequently released on bail in Vancouver, however. Permits leave dwelling between 6:00 am and 11:00 am and must wear ankle straps. Pilot coordinate system or GPS According to bail conditions CFO Huawei also employs a 24-hour personal security team.

FILE -Dec. 18, 2018 file photo, The Huawei office building at its research and development centre at Dongguan in south China‘s Guangdong province . (AP Photo/Andy Wong, FILE)

Ms Meng went ahead and asked the court to relax the strictness of the bail. Including giving up the security team that monitors all during the day

Meng is also in a legal battle to prevent herself from being extradited to trial in the United States. Which the defense lawyer argued that Canada is effectively asked by the US to impose sanctions.

The same day, immigration officials allowed Meng family members to travel to Canada.

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