daughter of Yuri Nazarov spoke about his condition

The 83-year-old actor ended up in intensive care, but now he is much better.

Slowly but steadily: the daughter of Yuri Nazarov, who became ill with coronavirus, shared the good news from her father Photo: Boris Kudryavov / Express newspaper

Daughter of the People’s Artist Yuri Nazarov shared the good news from her father. The actor is getting better and almost managed to defeat the coronavirus.

Yuri Nazarov was hospitalized in early September in one of the Moscow hospitals. The famous patient was admitted to intensive care with a frightening diagnosis, but the doctors managed to stabilize his condition. Now he is still in the hospital and is struggling with the effects of the infection.

Despite serious lung damage, the actor has not lost courage and is interested in what is happening around. Numerous fans write him words of support, which makes Yuri Nazarov very happy.

“It is very pleasant that everyone is worried. I give it to him. The audience’s love supports him a lot, ”says 5-tv.ru Tatyana.

She noted that doctors give positive forecasts, since “his dynamics are positive.”

“Everything is slow, but stable. Every day is a little better, the mood is wonderful, ”says Tatiana.

Despite the fact that so far there is no talk about an extract, Yuri Nazarov intends to get home by September 20, the website writes. argumenti.ru.

“Predicting something is difficult, but the best news is that he got bored. When he felt bad, he didn’t think whether he was bored or not, ”the woman concluded.


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