Daughter of Bulgaria’s First Democratically Elected President Accuses Current President of National Betrayal

“Your position is a pure form of national betrayal. Sooner or later you will answer to the Bulgarian people, to our abandoned compatriots in Ukraine, to the court of history.”

This message was sent by Stanka Zheleva, daughter of the first democratically elected president of Bulgaria Zhelyu Zhelev, in an open letter to the current head of state Rumen Radev. The reason for the harsh words of Zheleva, who begins her letter with the address “president-disgrace”, are both Radev’s positions for neutrality in relation to Russia’s war against Ukraine, and his positions, which prevented the formation of a stable regular government. Zheleva spread the sharp position through her Facebook profile.

President Radev used the special services controlled by him to prevent the formation of a cabinet, accuses Zhelyu Zhelev’s daughter. According to her, this is how Radev continues his policy in support of Russia.

“As a ‘peacemaker’, you openly stood against the formation of a pro-European, regular government, which has a chance to finally be formed with many compromises. After two years of an unprecedented political crisis, for which you are personally responsible. You harnessed the entire state and the services you personally control for security to torpedo the formation of a stable Parliament and Government with the old techniques of the DS: active events, sabotage, illegal recordings, provocations.

With what powers do your puppet governments make decisions about the future of Bulgaria and work for Russian economic and political interests both in the Balkans and in Europe?” writes Stanka Zheleva in her open letter.

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“You are rudely trampling on national interests, the Constitution, sowing political discord, and your inadequate political actions and inactions are distancing Bulgaria from democratic Europe and throwing it into international isolation. You are encouraging the instigation of unprecedented Bulgarian-Russophile nationalism and gradually the language of hatred is becoming the official language in the Bulgarian political life.

Where are you, the pillar of civil peace and tolerance? Today, torn by political crises with your idle cooperation, our country is becoming an instrument of Russian imperial interests. The Bulgarians’ trust in democracy, European values ​​and political institutions is crumbling. Bulgaria is becoming an unreliable political partner, mired in corruption and a permanent political crisis.

The presidential institution, which in the turbulent years of the transition was a guarantor of stability, democracy, civil peace and statehood in Bulgaria, you turned into the headquarters of the Russian “Special Operation” in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe under the leadership of Eleonora Mitrofanova”, accuses the daughter of Zhelev at the beginning of his message to Rumen Radev.

Zheleva accuses the current head of state of not condemning the behavior of the pro-Russian party “Vazrazhdane” and the “peace marches” that last month attacked the building of the European Parliament in Sofia.

2023-06-04 08:49:00

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