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The girl also told how often she communicates with dad.

Composer and producer’s daughter Konstantin MeladzeLeah – will try his hand at the 12th season of the main vocal show “Voice of the Country”.

During the presentation of the project, journalists from the TSN.ua website talked to a promising artist and asked how often she communicates with a famous father.

Daughter of Konstantin Meladze / press service of the channel “1 + 1”

Daughter Meladze said that they constantly call each other on the phone, correspond on social networks. When Konstantin arrives in Kiev, he always finds time to give it to Leah.

“We communicate every day on social networks, call each other on the phone. When he is in Kiev, we always spend time together. Preferably, I come to him every evening,” Leah shared.

However, if the girl has a warm relationship with her father, then, as Leah admitted to us, with Vera Brezhneva, the wife of Konstantin Meladze, everything is not very good.

Leah Meladze / instagram.com/meladzeliya

“We don’t communicate at all. I only communicate with dad. There were no conflicts, there was nothing at all. I just communicate only with dad,” Leah said.

By the way, when asked how often a girl comes to visit her dad, Meladze’s daughter gave an ambiguous answer. Leah shared that sometimes there are circumstances that make it impossible for her to spend time with her dad.

“Sometimes I stay with him on the weekends. But it happens that … I have a lot of things to do, and I don’t have time to come to him,” Leah added.

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Do not miss this Sunday, January 23 at 21:00 on 1 + 1 TV channel – the premiere of the vocal show “Voice of the Country-12”.

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