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The planned data center on Lämmerspieler Weg in the east of Offenbach will not be built in a “slimmed down version” after all.

The US investor CloudHQ presented its plans at a virtual “open day”: Two two-story data centers will be built on the 14.5 hectare site, which together will have a power requirement of 112 megawatts; the data center is thus one of the largest in Europe. Until recently, the power consumption of electrical energy was not even half. CloudHQ covers the costs of expanding the power supply.

Global technology companies will set up and operate their own servers in the two buildings. 600 to 900 construction workers, electricians and mechanics are on site during the construction phase, according to Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD). The development is via the west side in order to keep the noise level for the residents on the eastern flank bearable. When the data center goes online, only 50 to 75 employees are required. The building shell should be in place by November 2021, the interior work should be completed by May 2022.

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