Database connection problems, Microsoft confirms problems in Windows

Microsoft recently confirmed a connection error that has been bothering a number of Windows 11 users. However, it seems that this problem is not just experienced by those using Windows 11, but the entire Windows system. Wednesday (07/12).

Some Windows users have experienced a number of problems when trying to connect to the database, this problem is experienced by those trying to connect to databases and some applications on Windows. Of course this was stopped because some interests were eventually thwarted.

Now, speaking of this, Microsoft itself has provided yet another confirmation of the problem that some Windows users may experience when trying to connect to the database server. The same thing happens when they try to access it using the app.

The EMS system has encountered a problem” with “message: [microsoft][odbc sql server driver] protocol error in tds stream” or “message: [microsoft][odbc sql server driver]unknown token received from sql server.” Written error when trying to access it.

Finally Microsoft stepped in by immediately providing more details on this issue where a number of Windows 10 and Windows 11 users will probably get the same issue due to connections from ODBC from database access.

Actually, Microsoft itself has actually provided support for fixes for this issue, where users can make updates to fix the issues in the KB5019980 update presented in OS Build 22621.819.

However, it seems that the same problem is not only faced by Windows 11 users even though Microsoft has provided support for the fix, because the same problem seems to be faced by several users on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Now regarding this issue, Microsoft also provides a slight improvement from a few easy steps by just going through it Command prompt as administrator. Some that you can follow for temporary fixes are as follows:

  1. Buka command prompt.
  2. Run as administrator.
  3. Enter the following command: tasklist/m/sqlsrv32.dll.
  4. Log in and done.

You can follow the above method to temporarily fix the database system having connection issues, this step is only a temporary fix until Microsoft fixes their system via a future update.

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