Data quality greatest challenge for marketing AI – ADZINE

For the “Digital Dialog Insights 2020” United Internet Media, in collaboration with the Stuttgart Media University, surveyed 120 experts from the areas of trade, services and production. The focus here was on the topics of the post-cookie era, the corona crisis and artificial intelligence.

With regard to AI, the results show that over half of the respondents consider marketing AI to be of great importance for companies. 76 percent assume that the importance will even increase significantly in the next two years. Furthermore, half of the experts see marketing AI as an essential part of their future marketing strategy. The study participants predict that AI will play an important role in three quarters of companies in just two years.

With the current use of artificial intelligence in marketing, the focus is clearly on individualization or personalization. 83 percent consider the use of AI to be particularly promising here. However, 78 percent also see the advantages of optimizing targeting.

In the meantime, AI is also being used more and more to improve customer experiences and seems to be achieving good results. In addition, 68 percent of the experts think that AI can generally be used to make better marketing decisions.

“I believe that a new type of marketing decision-maker will gain acceptance who has a greater understanding of the operation of modern digital marketing infrastructure,” comments Prof. Harald Eichsteller, one of the authors of the study.

Four out of five experts see data quality for AI as the greatest challenge. The elimination of third-party cookies, which often make it much more difficult to identify consumers, plays a major role here. In addition, the low volume of consent in consent management for the use and linking of the data basis via opt-in is challenging.



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