Darran Clarke Siu, Sr. Championship, 2nd consecutive match

Darran Clarke, the Northern Irish veteran swinging Won the second consecutive PGA Tour Championships in the Mitsubishi Electric Championship in Kaupulehu-Kona, Hawaii on Saturday. After winning the opponent by 2 strokes

The 52-year-old former British Open champion thumped birdies in the last nine holes by making two birdies on holes 10-11 and 13-14 before coming to save par from 10 feet on hole 15 and doing two. Birdies caught on hole 16-17 and kept par on hole 18 without losing bogeys. Finished the final with an 8-under par 64 and it was the first bogie of the year. Resulting in him successfully winning this tournament

Clarke revealed after the race that “It was just one victory. Winning the title again is really awesome. I love competing on the Champions Tour. All golfers who play are excellent golfers. And it’s great to play here. Along with receiving a good reception. Competition standards are excellent. And so amazing Also, I was fortunate to have won two trophies in a row.

Clarke finished with a combined 21-under-par 195 at the Hualalai Golf Course following the Timbertech Championships at Boca Raton in Florida earlier this month. Nov ago He will win the championship. ”At Boca, it was incredible. And I have that feeling again playing today. Although all the time, the tour has been stopped for a long time. But I never give up my practice every day. “

2nd place is Ratif Gusen, finishing the final with an 8-under-par 64 result, with the former US Open champion kicking off 10-under-par 62 in the first round before losing his bogeys in the last two holes in the round. 2nd place scored 1 under par 71, which Gusen said, “It was a good week. I hardly have played it since a month. Nov ago That I played last time So it’s a good start. And yesterday it was great Even though I failed to win the championship But it was a great start and Clarke was good enough to win the title. ”

On the third place, Jerry Kelly finished with a total score of 17-under-par 199 after the final round made 4-under-par 68, while Fred Cuples made a 5-under-par 67, finishing fourth with a score of 15 under. Par 201, with Scott Parel, Kevin Sutherland and Mike Weir, the first event of 2021.

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