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Exemplary refurbishment: The Darmstädter Bauverein receives its first monument protection award for the refurbishment of the Buxbaum facility in the Rhön and Spessartring. Despite changes by tenants.

The red and yellow tenement houses on Spessart and Rhönring have become eye-catching after their renovation. Now the Bauverein AG has been awarded the Hessian Monument Protection Prize for this. In the “Public Prize Winner” category, the municipal subsidiary was awarded first prize for the modernization of the system, as the company announced.

The award was presented by Art and Culture Minister Angela Dorn (Greens) in Wiesbaden. Armin Niedenthal, board member of Bauverein AG, described the project as a “mammoth task”. The jury was impressed by the special quality of an overall complex that is significant in terms of urban development. The residents’ strong roots in their living environment were also convincing.

The complex with 50 buildings dates from the 1920s and was designed and built by city architect August Buxbaum. Among other things, roofs have now been re-insulated and stairwells have been revised. The renovation work should be finished this year.

During the work there had been a dispute about the need to open the loggias according to the monument protection. Many tenants had glazed these at their own expense in order to obtain additional living space. When the “Rhönringfighter” initiative was founded, the building association tried to convince the tenants to open the loggias in individual discussions. “If a tenant insisted on receiving it, it was accepted,” said the company. The loggias should only be opened when there is a change of tenant in order to preserve the overall historical picture in the long term.

The Hessian Monument Protection Prize is endowed with 20,000 euros and is awarded in various categories.

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