Darmstadt: Decision to Aldi in Arheilgen is approaching

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The city council meeting is to decide in December on the planning of the controversial construction project of the discounter in the Darmstadt district.

The city council is expected to vote in December on the planning to build the controversial Aldi market in the Darmstadt district of Arheilgen. Mayor Jochen Partsch (Greens) announced this during the tenth Arheilger district forum.

The forum, which was organized exclusively digitally by the city for the first time on Wednesday evening, was followed by almost 120 citizens on the screens, according to Susanne Radmann, the city’s deputy ombudsman.

In Arheilgen there has been criticism of the discounter’s project, which the city wants to make possible within the framework of a project-related development plan, since the planning began. Aldi plans to build a grocery store with a maximum sales area of ​​1,050 square meters and an underground car park with 41 parking spaces on a plot of land between Frankfurter Landstrasse and Darmstädter Strasse.

In addition, 15 apartments – eight of them publicly subsidized – are to be built above and next to the market. This even exceeds the quota regulation for socially subsidized housing construction stipulated by the city.

According to Mayor Partsch, almost a thousand objections to the project have been processed and weighed by the administration. The traffic report has been supplemented and additional assessments have been obtained from a climate expert. On this basis, the development plan is currently being completed and the corresponding draft resolution is being prepared.

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