Darmstadt: A maximum of 120 visitors are allowed to visit the state museum

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The Hessian State Museum Darmstadt opens its doors again on Tuesday. The ceremony to mark the house’s 200th anniversary is canceled, special exhibitions are being postponed.

Martin Faass can clearly see the joy. The past few days and weeks have not been a pleasure for the director of the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. Instead of dealing with hygiene plans and limiting visitor flows in times of the Corona crisis, Faass would much rather have welcomed guests to a panel discussion on the relationship between art and politics this Saturday. However, due to the existing contact restrictions, Faass, who has headed the museum on Darmstadt’s Friedensplatz since the beginning of last year, has to be content with the fact that his house may reopen at least a limited number of visitors from Tuesday 12 May next.

“The past few weeks have shown how important culture is for people’s lives,” says Faass. The newly established online offers would have been very well received, but the museum lives “from the original, from the visitors and from the encounter”. For Faass, museums are “important social places for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and emotions” anyway. And therefore he is looking forward to being “back for our visitors” from next Tuesday.

The current special exhibition “Kraftwerk Block Beuys” will be shown at least until May 24th. However, the museum is aiming for an extension. According to Faass, discussions with lenders have already been very positive.

The museum will be opened on Tuesday according to a hygiene plan that has been developed in accordance with official requirements. The precautionary precautions for infection protection also include visitor limits, customized visitor guidance and hourly cleaning of critical points.

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Mask requirement in the museum

The rule of distance of at least one and a half meters must be observed. In addition, visitors must wear mouth-nose protection. This can be brought along or purchased at the cash register.

According to the museum, a maximum of 120 people can stay in the house at the same time. The special exhibition “Kraftwerk Block Beuys” may watch a maximum of 20 guests at the same time. The “Block Beuys”, the Karl-Freund-Galerie and the Simon Spierer Collection may visit a maximum of 40 people at the same time due to the corresponding requirements Number limited to a maximum of 40 visitors.

For organizational reasons, the Laaxer Spange showrooms as well as prehistory and early history are closed, as is the branch of the Font Casting, Typesetting and Printing Process department. Media or audio guides are not given due to the hygiene regulations. The museum shop is open.

The ceremonial act planned for July 9 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the state museum also falls victim to the Corona crisis.

The exhibition “Rembrandt Competition. A princely competition ”, which was to be shown from July 9 to October 4, is no longer required. The presentation on “25 Years of Unesco World Heritage – Messel Pit” will only be on view from August 18. The show “Carte Blanche for Tomás Saraceno”, which was originally supposed to be shown from June 26th, will only be open from September 25th to the end of January 2021.

The special exhibition on the Darmstadt Mastodon, which is currently on loan in Washington, will also be postponed. The mammoth skeleton is planned to be presented again from March 26, 2021.

Only the exhibition of the Düsseldorf Kunstpalast with works by photographer Peter Lindbergh, who died in September 2019, will be on view from December 4, as planned.

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Wiesbaden Museum

The Wiesbaden Museum will reopen to visitors on Tuesday, May 12th.

For the International Museum Day on Sunday, May 17th, a large natural history special exhibition entitled “Butterflies on the Trail – With Illustrations by Johann Brandstetter” will be opened in the Art and Nature Museum. The show will be shown until January 31st.

With the reopening of the museum, the collection presentation “Jan Thomas – Church Hall. Intervention with small plastic ”. On the other hand, the planned study exhibition “Library of Trees” still has to be waited for.

Negotiations are currently underway to extend the two special exhibitions on the genre painter Ludwig Knaus and the artist couple Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin.

Visits to the museum will require a mask in the future. A separate tour of the visitors has been designed so that the guests can keep a sufficient distance from each other.

A maximum of 330 people are allowed to stay in the museum from Tuesday, then 360 from May 17th. If visitors are crowded, temporary closings can occur.

The museum café “Café Mechtild” remains closed.


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