Darío Barassi went on vacation to New York and met Argentine fans: his hilarious reaction

Darío Barassi went on vacation with his wife to New York but could not get rid of the Argentine fans

In search of a bit of tranquility, some famous Argentines choose to vacation in international destinations to avoid the siege of fans. Nevertheless, Dario Barassi he was not so lucky in this sense because, even having traveled to New York -place where he went to have fun and relax with his wife- Luli Gomez Centurionbefore resuming his work obligations – he met admirers in the middle of a visit they made to an exotic viewpoint.

“Girls, this is not the time, I’m discovering the place, don’t break my h…., ok?”, he told them with his characteristic humor, while the young women screamed madly and he filmed them for their stories. With a very good predisposition, he put his cell phone in selfie mode and focused them so that his almost four million followers on Instagram could see them. “My friends here in New York discovering this,” said the host of 100 Argentines say (The thirteen). And one of them, looking at the camera, said “Hi!” (Hello in English). To which Barassi, surprised, exclaimed as a joke: “Hi did you say? They’ve been here for two days and he says: ‘Hi’”.

In the following story, Darío continued to share postcards of his dream vacation with Luli, with whom he recently confirmed that she is expecting her second daughter. The eccentric place, where they were when their fans appeared, is called “Summit”, a new viewpoint of the Big Apple that is located on the 91st floor of the brand new skyscraper “One Vanderbilt”, which rises 427 meters in the heart of Manhattan. There, both the walls and the floors are transparent, and it is also full of metallic balloons that float next to the visitor creating a strange sensation of dream and unreality. “Where did you bring me fat? There are balloons!” he said, fascinated, to his partner. And he added, between laughs: “Oh, someone hit me! I am not a balloon!” “It’s spectacular,” he summed up.

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Hours earlier, Barassi had also met other Argentines while walking quietly through Central Park. And far from any divisiveness, he had also agreed to take selfies with them and document it on his account. Instagram. Then he continued showing his followers the different walks he took around the city, which, of course, did not lack visits to the theaters of Broadwaywhere did you see red Mill y Funny Girl, among other works. Meanwhile, this morning he visited Battery Park, West Village and was photographed with his wife on the banks of the Hudson River.

Darío Barassi with his wife, enjoying New York

Days ago, Barassi confirmed the happy news of the arrival of his second daughter. so announced Angel of Brito in LAM, where they also played the audio that the driver sent to the journalist. “Angel, here is a Barassi with a very flowery shirt, with open buttons and a ginger tea in his hand, I wanted to confirm that yes, baby, we are pregnant”, he began expressing.

“It’s funny to say ‘we’, because the one who carries everything is my wife, poor thing, but even with this body I’m also pregnant with quintuplets,” he joked, true to his style. And he added: “We are crazy, happy, the truth is that a piece of news that surprised us a bitbecause we had the idea of ​​going for another creature, but this time it happened quite quickly, because three months have passed since we decided and the positive test appeared, so we are very happy”. In this sense, he commented that his wife had already had routine ultrasounds and celebrated starting to dream of the baby’s arrival: “Luli is carrying the perfect pregnancy, everything is great.”

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