Darias confirms the fourth dose of the covid vaccine “for the entire population” in the fall

The Minister of Health, Carolina Dariashas advanced this Thursday that “There will be a fourth dose for the entire population” from covid-19 vaccine and that now it is only necessary to “specify when”, although he has pointed to autumn, when the arrival of sera adapted to new variants is expected.

“A date that can be considered as possible is around the fall because we are also waiting for that date for the arrival of new vaccines for new variants as it is in the contracts we have signed through the European Union with the pharmaceutical companies,” he said.

This has been stated in an interview in La Sexta when asked if a second reinforcement puncture will be given to the entire population, not only to those over 80 years of age and residents of residences as proposed by the presentation of vaccines and the Public Health Commission Recently.

“There will be a fourth dose for the entire population, This is how the Public Health Commission has decided, what remains is to decide when,” Darias settled before pointing out that “probably” it will be in the fall, when the updated omicron vaccines will be ready.

Shortly after, the Ministry of Health has pointed out that “there is no specific date” for the administration of the fourth dose in the general population, although it has indicated that “at some point it will be given to everyone”.

Last week the Public Health Commission already recommended the administration of the fourth dose, that is, of the second booster dose, in the most vulnerable population, especially in people in residences and people aged 80 and over. An initiative claimed by various Autonomous Communities that lacked a date, since from this body, dependent on the Ministry of Health, it was stated that the most appropriate time should be established according to the epidemiological situation.

It will start with the oldest

Regarding the administration of this fourth dose, the Ministry of Health has explained that It will start with the oldest and the inmates of the residences to go down by age brackets.

In this sense, the Health strategy is start vaccinating those over 80 years of age with the fourth dose on a still undetermined date and then “go down in age group as the situation evolves”, that is, as has been done in the previous three vaccination rounds.

Until today, the only ones who were receiving a fourth prick with an additional dose -which I do not remember, because in their case they require it to complete the guideline for not reaching an adequate level of protection like the others- they are very high-risk people, such as some cancer patients, transplant recipients, on dialysis or hemodialysis, elderly 40 years with Down syndrome or who take immunosuppressive drugs, among others.

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