Daria Moroz published a personal photo

The ex-wife of Konstantin Bogomolov showed fans who was her guest.

Actress Daria Moroz. Photo: instagram.com/d_moroz/

37-year-old actress Daria Moroz spends time with his family. The celebrity shared in Instagram a touching photo: in the picture, 10-year-old daughter of Daria Moroz Anya Bogomolova hugs her mother’s younger sister, 5-year-old Varya, the director’s joint child Yuri Moroz and actress Victoria Isakova.

“My favorite morning crumbs,” the artist signed the publication tenderly.

In front of the camera lens, aunt and niece pose in funny white pajamas for children with bright flowers. Anya Bogomolova’s hair is loose. The girl presses Varya to her hand, in which she holds a toy dinosaur. The second baby’s hair is braided. Varya hugs her relative tightly with both hands and looks cheerfully at the camera.

The fans were touched by the family photo: the photo of the daughter and granddaughter of Yuri Moroz instantly gained a huge number of likes and enthusiastic comments:

«The most beautiful duet!»,« Зwonderful girls“,” KWhat kind of birds», «Are very similar to their dads“,” Kpretty button girls».

Many noted that Daria’s daughter is growing similar to her grandmother, Marina Levtova.

The star friends of the artist also expressed their delight, including Yulia Snigir and Stasya Miloslavskaya.


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