“DANS Head Plamen Tonchev Unleashes Bombshells During National Assembly Hearing on Leaked Recording”

DANS head Plamen Tonchev threw two big bombs into the plenary hall during his hearing in the National Assembly. The occasion was the leaked recording from the National Council of “We continue the change”. The hearing itself was requested by “Vazrazhdane”.

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Plamen Tonchev announced from the parliamentary rostrum that he had initiated pre-trial proceedings against Councilor Kiril Petkov – Vesela Cherneva, for having exported classified information to a foreign citizen.

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Then, in response to a question by Hamid Hamid from DPS, he also exposed Lena Borislavova.

Tonchev said that Lena Borislavova, in her capacity as former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s chief of staff, took a document marked “Secret” related to “Turkish Stream”, scribbled guidelines on it and handed it over to the “Bird” journalist. Atanas Chobanov. The information was filtered so that it contained material only about GERB leader Boyko Borisov and President Rumen Radev.

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On 29.10.22, it became clear that the former spokeswoman for Kiril Petkov and Prime Minister Lena Borislavova is the subject of criminal proceedings in the National Investigation for leaking state secrets.

The investigation is based on signals from the Turkish and Romanian services and concerns secret documents for “Turkish Stream”, which Lena Borislavova provided to the journalist from the website “Bird” Atanas Chobanov. Based on the signals, two reports were drawn up by the DANS and the “Computer crimes” department at the GDBOP.

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A graphological examination was also carried out, which proved that Borislavova scribbled with a pen on the documents in order to direct Chobanov how to hit Rumen Radev and Boyko Borisov and “package” them as Russian agents. The expertise has conclusively proven that Borislavova’s handwriting is the same as that on the classified documents.

If the guilt of Kiril Petkov’s chief of staff is proven, she can be convicted of a crime under Art. 357 of the Criminal Code, which reads: Art. 357. (1) Whoever divulges information representing a state secret that was entrusted to him or became known in the course of office or work, as well as whoever divulges such information, being aware that this may result in harm to the interests of the Republic of Bulgaria , if not subject to a heavier penalty, shall be punished by imprisonment from two to eight years.

(2) If the act has or may have particularly serious consequences for the security of the state, the punishment is imprisonment for five to fifteen years.

On the basis of the report received at the GDBOP, it is only a matter of time before the prosecutor’s office brings charges against Lena Borislavova. The investigators also have a protected witness who directly incriminates Borislavova in the crime. The witness holds a senior position in the state apparatus.

Hamid Hamid asked today what measures DANS is taking to ensure that classified information is not leaked to the mass media, either within the service or by the persons who are required to work with such information.

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The chief of staff responded: “In the last 2 years, we have had 2 cases where agency documents were found to have been leaked to outside sources. One case is the one I mentioned – this is where the information is controlled so we can get it done. work. This is the case of our former colleague, against whom pre-trial proceedings for espionage have been initiated. The second case is currently being investigated by the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office – this is an extract from our document labeled “Secret” which was published on an Internet site. “

“We have established that two people outside the agency had access to this document,” Tonchev explained, most likely referring to Lena Borislavova and either Kiril Petkov or Boyko Rashkov.

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