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Danna Ponce, 22-year-old actress, reported sexual abuse, through social networks, to the producer “Coco” Levy, also known for being the son of the iconic Talina Fernandez.

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It was through his Instagram that Ponce posted a couple of videos detailing the alleged sexual abuse he suffered from Levy, in february of 2022, in the facilities of Videocine, where he is a producer.

“This video is to denounce “Coco” Levy, who is an abuser,” Danna said in a first short video posted on her Instagram.

In the second video, which lasted more than 10 minutes, Ponce recounted how she suffered the abuse of Levy. According to the actress’s story, it was the February 3, 2022 who, after receiving a response from the producer, met him at his workshops Located in Coyoacan.

In that first meeting, Danna related that she received a kind of advice from “Coco” Levy about how to get far in the acting career and what he had to do to achieve his goals.

“This man continues with his advice and exemplified everything by leading him to abuse, as things are,” said the actress.

Among the examples that “Coco” Levy used in the meeting with the young actress, she said, it was when he told her: “if a director asks you to fuck with your partner” at the same time that he stood next to her and pulled her, as if trying to for her to act out the situation.

“I left the office very nervous […] In that first approach it did not go further, I did feel discomfort, a fear “Ponce recounted.

Despite the complicated situation that he experienced, Danna assured that he returned a week later to the office of Levy, since he wants to work and has goals and ambitions to fulfill.

The February 10, Dana met again with “Coco” Levy, But on that day, the situation went far beyond what had happened a week before, according to the actress, who pointed out that the producer had physical contact with her without her consent.

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In one of his posts, Ponce He also posted a couple of Photographs of one conversation what did you have with Levy after the alleged acts of sexual abuse he lived, clarifying that he had written to him to have tests and for him to know that she knew he had been abused.

“What I want is to protect my colleagues in crisis, at least tell them: ‘don’t go if this man calls you, because I already went and that happened to me and it took me four months to heal,'” Ponce pointed out.

Danna also assured that, at this point, she does not care about being harmed, but that other women do not go through the same thing, she said.

In another publication on her Instagram, the young actress announced that she had already filed a formal lawsuit against “Coco” Levy, Who do you want to see in jail? Also, showed conversations with other women, who would also have been victims of “Coco” Levy. “One is easy to question, but 10? And we have not only been 10 … ”, she wrote.

“Coco” Levy responds to accusations of Danna Ponce

Via Instagram, Levy He responded to the remarks that the young actress made about him and assured that what she is looking for is to affect her image.

“One person made absolutely false accusations in an attempt to affect the image that I have built over a lifetime. Fortunately, my reputation is the product of 40 years of hard work and impeccable conduct,” Levy said.

“Coco” He also pointed out that he will initiate legal action to defend himself, seeking that “the truth prevails over slander”, in addition to ensuring that he trusts that his defense will not undermine the credibility of “the true victims who dare to denounce the violence against him”. .

After Levy’s statement, Danna referred to him in her stories, assuring that he is a “scoundrel”.

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