Danish press, about the two Romanians suffering from COVID transferred to a hospital in Aarhus

According to the TV2 website, the most watched news station in Denmark, the local authorities would have intended to block “between 10 and 15 places for foreign patients”, but, in the end, only two were made available for Romanian patients. with severe forms of infection.

“Romania is severely hit by high infection rates, the health system is under pressure, there are no more vacancies in intensive care units and all hospitalizations have been suspended for non-essential surgeries,” the health minister explained on Twitter. of Copenhagen, Magnus Heunicke.

“The two patients who arrived from Bucharest are in intensive care. Their condition is very serious, but they are receiving the best treatment, “said Dr. Karina Bækby Houborg, head of the ATI department at Aarhus University Hospital.

We remind you that two Romanian patients infected with Covid-19 were transported on Saturday, November 6, from Romania to Denmark, and were hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, after the capital Copenhagen

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