Danilov said Russia is begging for talks

According to him, the Russians are now trying to understand that they have no chance of seizing Ukrainian territories. Therefore, they began to raise issues of negotiations.

“Therefore, today they are begging. They are taking on a whole pool of negotiators. They are now doing a lot of work with certain groups so that they enter into negotiations. Brazil is already there, and everyone else is mediating,” Danilov said.

He also recalled that the conditions of Ukraine are quite simple and were formed by President Volodymyr Zelensky. There are only four of them.

“Four demands that we are putting forward today in the Russian Federation. To liberate all our territories that are currently temporarily occupied. Responsibility through the tribunal of those people who started all this, who kill children, the elderly, women who do not have nothing to do with it. Guarantees of the security of our country are a must. And responsibility is the fourth factor,” the official stressed.

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