Daniele Scardina, Carolyn Smith displaces him: “I wish you were my son”

Written by Paolo Parente, on October 17, 2020, in Dancing with the Stars

photo by Daniele Scardina excited at Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars, Daniele Scardina displaced by Carolyn Smith: “I wish you were the son I never could have”

A beautiful story that of Daniele Scardina, boxer by profession, a Dancing with the stars 2020. This is because the boy is showing on the one hand that he has what it takes (he can really dance) and on the other hand he is the spokesperson of uplifting messages, of faith and hope in this complicated moment. Therefore Carolyn Smith, after his performance today, he has so displaced Daniele Scardina:

I wish you were the son I never could have.

Her dance partner too, Anastasia Kuzmina, she was excited at these words.

Daniele Scardina at Ballando 2020, Carolyn Smith: “I’ve never found someone like you”

This is the thirteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars for Carolyn Smith, for this reason the words he chose tonight to compliment are more surprising Daniele Scardina:

Since 2007 I have never found someone like you.

Dancing 2020, Carolyn Smith to Daniele Scardina: “From the outside you look hard”

Lately, Anastasia Kuzmina he declared he did bad to Daniele Scardina. In today’s episode of dancing with the Stars, instead, the boxer has collected many beautiful words, especially from Carolyn Smith, who told him:

You look tough from the outside, but inside you have so much sweetness.

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