Daniel Vávra revealed what his Mafia 3 was supposed to look like

Daniel Vávra, creative director of Warhorse Studios and a medieval action RPG title Kingdom Come: Deliverance, became famous in our country and in the world as chief designer, screenwriter and director of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. He also worked on sequels at Illusion Softworks, but left the studio during the development of Mafia 2 after the company was bought by 2K Games in 2007 and renamed 2K Czech (now Hangar 13).

It was known that Vávra had a pro Mafia 2 big plans and according to unofficial reports he left due to the cuts that the publisher planned for the second part of the gangster action. Vávra allegedly did not want to reconcile with them and he did not like the way the project was going. At that time, however, the script for the third part was ready.

We finally saw that in 2016, but with the original vision of Vávra does not Mafias 3 nothing in common. Today we can be sure that Vávra did not plan to plant the third part in New Bordeaux in 1968 and unleash a vendetta in the city against the Italian mafia in the role of the black Lincoln Clay. Instead, he wanted her to be played as a police officer. Respectively there were to be two playable characters – a gangster and a policemanwhen a police officer investigated the actions of a gangster.

Daniel Vávra has a script prepared at home. It took place at the same time as Mafia 3, which is the only thing they used in the Hangar 13 studio from the idea of ​​Vávra.

“It was very brilliant. He was also supposed to play for a policeman and investigated himself (the gangster, editor’s position) as a policeman. It was written in such a way that even though he knew what had happened, it was just as difficult to solve. It was really good. “ Vávra said during an interview with the YouTube channel At the Round Table. On the script Mafias 3 Vavra spent a lot of time.


A remake of the original Mafia with Vávra don’t like it very much and has of it conflicting feelings. According to him, it is a lot of things worse done than in the original. For example, a camera and a cover system that bothers him. For the camera and stored positions talk about school mistakes. For example, when a game is saved in front of a movie and the player has to watch the minute video again. Sava should take place only after someone speaks.

“If I was expecting anything, it would play better. In my opinion, it doesn’t play better. It looks better. Of course, acting and everything is better – definitely a bigger budget and back then we did a lot of things on our knees, “ said.

The worst thing about it is when the content changes. According to Vávra the screenwriter did not understand the point of the original story, including messages and sentences that were relevant in the scenario. He noticed, for example, the absence of the sentence that friendship sucks – in the original is: friendship is shit. According to Vávra, this is an important sentence, because the Mafia should have told us that friendship and family do not matter in such a circle.

Personally, he would rewrite the script more and fundamentally. He wrote the original one as inexperienced, he was only 23 years old and he realizes that he could have focused more on Morell, the main opponent.

For example, Sarah is naive in the original Mafia and believes that Salieri is a good uncle, which the mobsters normally did. In the final edition, they made Sarah an emancipated, rough womanwhich addresses women’s rights. She is emancipated and correct, she solves that Tommy will kill people, but at the same time she doesn’t mind at all and she will marry him. According to Vávra, this is nonsense.

He also revealed that did not finish Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Speaking of which, sales climbed to over three million units.

With a six – hour charity stream at Agraela appreciated the way Lost Heaven was created using new technologies. But it bothers him that the final edition is more of a shooter, while the original Mafia was created so that the player killed as few people as possible. According to him, the remake is rather a typical shooter with a cover system that does not work completely.

Vávra also criticizes the new driving model, for example, the famous race had no problem for him, the cars slide like sledges and it’s not like that. In the original Mafia, the race was harder and the cars were better controlled overall.

We also learned a little about Mafia 2. The original plan was to release the second part two years after number one, the game was to run on the same engine. Only the third Mafia was to be prepared with regard to the consoles of the new generation. But that changed after the studio was bought by the American company 2K Games.

Mafia: Definitive Edition came out with Czech dubbing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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