Daniel Mitov: I will not be GERB’s proposal for prime minister

Daniel Mitov

I am the vice-president of the party and in no way can I be considered distant from the party. It certainly won’t be me. Thus, GERB Deputy Chairman Daniel Mitov told bTV Radio whether he would be nominated for prime minister again by the party.

Earlier, GERB leader Boyko Borissov announced that he had a ready option for a prime minister who was not affiliated with the party.

“In any case, we will seek a solution so as not to deepen the political crisis. In parliament, political parties must conclude that we cannot continue with the language spoken in the previous two parliaments and the division.

Margaret Thatcher used to say that there was no personal sympathy in politics. “People don’t choose us to like each other, people choose us to solve social problems,” he added.

Asked with which political forces from GERB they would not have a conversation for joint government, Mitov answered: “Political parties make decisions through their collective bodies. So far, our collective body has set the red line for us, namely the BSP. This is not an escape.

I know that right now some helpful brains are looking for a way to bite this very line and say that we do not deny a coalition with the MRF. There is nothing to deny or not to deny. I can’t tell the party from now on do one, do two. The same goes for “Democratic Bulgaria”.



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