Daniel Martyniuk accosts Rafał Collins again: “AND WHAT ARE YOU CHEATING NOW?”

Daniel Martyniuk for a long time he has been working tirelessly to maintain the image of the chief Polish celebrity. The son of the “king of disco polo” and Danuta “close these murders” Martyniuk he has repeatedly surprised us with more pranks, one of them being stupider. Some time ago, however, his parents decided to teach their offspring a lesson and cut him off from the constant flow of cash. As a result, young Martyniuk calmed down a bit and even wanted to change his life with … relaxation therapy in the company of puppies.

Recently Daniel Martyniuk he is especially active in social media, where he willingly shares his life thoughts and blissful moments with her beloved Faustina and recommends favorite songs to viewers. Recently, on his Insta Story, Daniel decided to comment on Saturday’s Fame MMA fight and the fight that ensued between Marcin Najman and Don Kasjo. The celebrity openly laughed at the situation, calling the fight “set”.

Hahaha, where is the real boxing? The security guards appeared a few minutes before the set service, and at the end you can see the one on the ground smiling, embarrassing (…) – Martyniuk wondered.

The evening was clearly still unimaginable for Daniel. Soon after, Martyniuk posted a screen of his interview with Rafał Collins. It’s no secret that gentlemen do not get along well. It all started when Collins, disgusted with the antics of the young Martyniuk, publicly called his behavior “pajacowaniem” and recommended the parents of the wayward celebrity applying to the foundation, which he runs together with his brother. He also added that in his opinion Daniel “is not a guy”.

Martyniuk clearly hurt the comment of a motoring enthusiast. So he decided to prove his bravery and challenged Collins to a duel. Unfortunately, Rafał rejected his proposal.


Daniel apparently decided to prove to the world that Collins was actually trying to get him to the duel. Therefore, he published the text of their SMS conversation, which he gave an eloquent signature.

An invitation to fight I didn’t want – he wrote.

The Daniel screen shows that Rafał Collins tried to contact the celebrity several times, explaining that he has “journalists on his head” and received a “strange call” on his case. Martyniuk admitted then that he was also contacted by a mysterious man and mentioned Collins. Rafał offered to call Daniel in 15 minutes.


At this point the conversation breaks off because Zenek’s son did not decide to show the rest of it to the world. However, this did not prevent him from accusing the interlocutor of a lie …

Now what, cheater? @rafalcollins. Show everyone what it looks like. You set it up in front of Kuba. Bye bye my dear friend – we read on Daniel’s profile.

However, Martyniuk did not end the internet vendetta here. The celebrity also published a record of another conversation on Insta Story – this time with the singer of the discopoly group Łobuzy Bogumiłem Romanowskim. The man reportedly sent Daniel a recording of his Hot16 Challenge.


WI will send when I will be with the computer, I’m not your worker, you rush me bull – wrote Romanowski.

Despite the promise, the video did not end up in the hands of the descendant of the king of New Year’s Eve concerts.

He never sent Borowik. Self-assured. Regards Discopolowcy – we read on Martyniuk’s Story.

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