Daniel Hůlka did not return the award: He pleased the fans differently!

In the end, Daniel Hůlka did not return the award to the president, yet he made his fans happy. He pleased them with what he did best, that is, singing. This is currently prohibited.

Daniel Hůlka finally reconsidered his original plans for the day of the national holiday on October 28, when he wanted to return the state decoration to President Miloš Zeman. He originally promised the fans that they would be able to accompany him on their way to Prague Castle. In the end, he delighted them with at least a new song.

“Some songs carry messages that can be banned. Like the Song of My Country. Karel Černoch and Pavel Žák wrote it as a protest against the occupation of our country in 1968, “he said on Facebook.

Daniel Hůlka – A song about my country (3:58)
| source: YouTube

The singer reminded that Černoch was forbidden to sing after winning the Bratislava Lyre with the song. “In order to be able to give joy again with his skill, he had to publicly distance himself from the message of the song and return the awarded award. I feel that the message of the Song about my country is coming to life again, “he stated.

Hůlka thanked the team of great musicians and everyone involved. “Let’s live, sing and not lose a human face,” he told the people.

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