Daniel Craig over vertraging ‘No Time to Die’


No one seems happy with the postponement No Time to Die, but the makers were forced to move the 25th Bond film to April 2021. After all the trailers and stories from cast and crew, it is actually time that we see the film. Big spoilers are lurking.

Tijdens de The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was Daniel Craig attended earlier this week and told Fallon what he thinks about the postponement No Time to Die finds. “This thing is just bigger than all of us,” zei Craig. “We want to release the film all over the world at the same time and now is not the right time. So fingers crossed, April 2 will be our date.”

Happy to return!
In the past, Craig said he was completely done with the Bond franchise. Now he is happy to return for a fourth time in the director’s film Cary Fukunaga, on view from April 2, 2021.

“I’m so glad I came back and made this one,” the actor added. “The story just didn’t feel complete and I needed a break. Once I had that and we started talking about storylines and things we could do, I was like ‘I’m in.'”

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