Entertainment Daniel Alvarado's last wife shares an emotional message

Daniel Alvarado’s last wife shares an emotional message


“Here is the other part of the family. Just as Carlos and Daniela said, after two very hard days – and today (yesterday) that three days have passed – a little while ago Daniela and Carlos showed us the box with the ashes of Dad … as I say, here is part of the family, that beautiful family that we make up Alvarado Rabbe with all the pride in the world, “Rabbe began in the video published this Friday night.

“They have been days of great pain. Many people have written to me who admired that splendid Zullian like Daniel Alvarado,” said Rabbe, who referred to Daniel in the present because for her he only said “see you later.” “It will be in the hearts of all Venezuelans,” she said, moved.

The actress also thanked the respect of the press in these moments of mourning. “I thank the whole family, friends and the press for the respect announcing the see you later, Alvarado, he deserves nothing less than this. He left what you all saw,” said Rabbe, who said that Daniel was a capable being to remove the bread from the mouth to give it to another.

On the other hand, Diego – the second son of the Alvarado Rabbe couple – remembered his father with pride. “I always remember my dad with a giant smile, he was a very affectionate man who loved his family, a very humble man,” he said.

Likewise, the oldest son of the family group indicated that his father was a great human being. “My dad was the best that a human being can aspire to be. He did what few dream and many less achieve. There was not a day that my father did not do something for the well-being of others,” Daniel said through tears.

The actor Daniel Alvarado passed away at the age of 70 on July 8 of a sudden heart attack. He was married three times and had a total of seven children.


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