Danic’s inter-exter, the Lachuer Cup and the legendary Max Verrier: the quirky interview with Guillaume Leliard

Guillaume Leliard was trained at the Stade Malherbe Caen before experiencing great emotions in Hérouville. He also went through the ASPTT Caen and currently plays at the MOS. (© Sport in Caen)

Passed by the training center of Stade Malherbe Caen where he saw the emergence of a certain Mbaye Niang, a “real phenomenon”, Guillaume Leliard Currently working at La Maladrerie OS in Regional 1. The PE teacher opens the memory box for us.

Football and you …

What is your first memory of football?

In the schoolyard, every lunchtime it was the final of the World Cup. Timeless memories that remain engraved in the mind of every footballer: the very essence of football.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

The rise in CFA2 with Hérouville in 2013. We were impregnable on synthetic with our game system based on possession and attack. I have wonderful memories of this family club, I met golden people, the atmosphere was exceptional.

What’s the best game you’ve played?

During my first CFA match at 17 with SMC against FC Rouen, at the Robert Diochon stadium. We left with a youth team to face a team which was celebrating its rise to National in a sold-out stadium. The intensity was crazy, I had the chance to score, we were very happy to catch a miraculous draw.

Who is the player, as an opponent, who impressed you the most?

Yacine Brahimi. In U17, a match against Stade Rennais. He had started the match on the bench because he had just returned from selection. At half-time, we were leading by the score, when suddenly Brahimi comes into play: a real carnage. He splashed the game with his talent with 40-meter crosses, commas, small bridges in all directions, to finish with 1 goal and 2 assists. There, you tell yourself that we do not do the same sport!

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Is there a player you’ve taken your lead with on the pitch?

This has never happened to me, I respect all my opponents, always with joy and good humor. It’s easier to negotiate a beer at the end of the game (laughs).

Who is the best player you have played with?

Mbaye Niang, at the Stade Malherbe in Caen. At 14, he was already playing with us in U19. A real phenomenon, he already had everything: speed, technique, composure in front of the goal. He made us win matches, and even shot corners on the wrong foot! At the time, he had an endearing personality, I’m happy for him, he’s having a great career.

What’s the best goal you’ve scored?

My goal with ASPTT Caen in the final of the Coupe de Basse-Normandie, at the Michel d’Ornano stadium. Sole oriented control followed by a sharp point under the bar, with a nice victory at the end.

The gesture that you would like to place in a match?

A gesture that I carried out in teams of young people: the fokinha, a dribble which consists in carrying out a race forward while juggling the head. In seniors it’s dangerous, you can take a chinstrap tackle at any time. Finally, I am content to do it in the evening with a drink on my head.

Which pro player are you most like in the game?

Gaël Danic who perfectly mastered the inter-exter.

And physically ?

Eden Hazard. However, if I miss my “Soviet” gradient, I can easily look like Yann Lachuer from the AJ Auxerre era.

The celebration you dream of but never will?

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In all simplicity, a back somersault followed by a small movement of capoeira in front of the grandstand.

In Normandy…

Who is the Football Bible?

Bernard Guyonnet. It is always a pleasure to read his articles on Sport in Caen, a true connoisseur and enthusiast.

Who is the greatest simulator?

My teammate Basile Gahery. Few can compete with him when it comes to getting imaginary penalties.

Who is the strongest ?

Samir Alla, technician and peerless leader.

Who is the best for the third half?

The legendary Maxime Verrier who has a VIP card in all the bars in the region. I also encourage him to embark on a career as a comedian.

Who missed his career in another sport?

Romdhane “Bolt” Naïri could have had a glorious destiny in athletics in the queen event of the 100 meters.

Among your teammates or your former teammates …

Who has the square feet?

The very promising Dhiaeddine Araiedh who still has to work in front of goal. Besides, I’m still waiting for the 50 euros for our bet dating from September 2019.

Who is more technical?

Jordan Fazzuti, a left foot from L1.

Who is the most nag?

Our boxer Enzo Larchevêque, the war of the trenches in the middle of the field, it is his small pleasure.

Who is the most stylish?

Captain Medhi Hocianat, white shirt, leather jacket, jeans with holes, pento on his hair: the ideal son-in-law.

Who absolutely needs to review their haircut?

Some would need hair implants… Overall, Clément Bezannier’s eccentric coloring must stop in 2021!

Who makes the funniest jokes?

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This is very much on our WhatsApp group, we often have to censor the salacious jokes of Logan Joseph …

For a next interview

Who do you designate as the next interviewee?

Our “Ricardinho” home scorer: Selim Maache

Do you have a question for him?

What’s your secret to working wonderfully on the oval and freeing up so much space in a match?

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