Dani Alves presents a ‘new version’ of the events of the night of the rape

On Tuesday, the Barcelona court decided to keep Dani Alves, accused of raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub on the 30th of last December, in pretrial detention without bail, due to the “high risk of escape and the severe and varied indications of criminality.”
Alves, who was in prison for a month, did not accept the decision of the Spanish court, so he decided to stay in his cell all morning, in silence and reflection.
Meanwhile, information and more details are still emerging about what allegedly happened that night. One TV show confirmed that Elvis called his wife, Joana Sanz, twice to apologize and explain what happened at the Sutton nightclub.
The program revealed that the footballer “confirmed to Joanna that he did not remember anything from that night because he was drunk to avoid having to give further explanations for what happened.”
But Danny recently presented another version of what happened, as he insisted that he was the victim, and said that the plaintiff went towards him when he was in the toilet in the nightclub and had oral sex with him, and he did not agree, but he did not refuse either, and he said that he preferred silence to protect her.
In fact, Alves has repeatedly changed his statements, initially stating that he did not know the alleged victim at all and now saying that she was the one who sexually assaulted him.

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