Dangerous Facts About E-Cigarette Products |

Dangerous Facts About E-Cigarette Products

E-cigarettes have recently become a new breakthrough offered with a more tantalizing delicious sensation. It is claimed that e-cigarettes can provide a smoking sensation that is healthy, safe and also does not harm the body.

An electric cigarette is a cigarette that is used with battery power which is later made with a groove to produce an electric current and react with various compounds or chemicals contained in it. With the presence of this reaction, it will give a vapor effect and a sweet taste like cigarettes which contains tobacco. Even though e-cigarettes are also claimed to have a lower risk of disease, the fact is that they contain a higher danger than tobacco cigarettes. Even if electric smokers use it continuously, there are several dangers this product can get. And this is a fact in the field. Want to know the information?

E-Cigarette Product Dangerous Facts

E-cigarettes cause cancer

In this e-cigarette, there are compounds that can trigger cancer. And this compound has the name nitrosamine which can trigger cancer in the body. Later this nitrosamine compound is obtained by heating the liquid nicotine which will be dissolved by the glycerin in e-cigarettes. And when the e-cigarette lights up, the battery will trigger the heating process of the liquid nicotine compound which will also help produce nitrosamine compounds.

Causes lung infection

The heating process that occurs in e-cigarette products will later help produce vapors that are very similar to the smoke in tobacco cigarettes. And the steam that is released is not as much as tobacco smoke. However, this steam will also contain compounds that are very dangerous for the health of the body, especially for lung health.

Causes respiratory distress

In this e-cigarette, there is a diethylene glycol compound which is an anti-freeze component that can make the liquid nicotine contained in e-cigarettes later remains liquid and cannot freeze. It is alleged that this diethylene glycol compound will later interfere with the user’s health, especially the respiratory health of its users. And of course this compound has also been established as one of the most deadly poisons for the body, especially for long-term use. And we also need to think twice because it is one of the unhealthy lifestyles that must be avoided.

Trigger brain damage problems

Another bad effect that is also caused by e-cigarettes is that if we consume it continuously, it will trigger brain damage. And in this e-cigarette there is a tetramethylpyrazine compound that can help trigger brain damage problems.

Causes burns in the mouth

Another fact from the dangers of e-cigarettes that we can reveal is that there are many cases that have been found that these e-cigarettes will explode when smoked. And of course this explosion can make your mouth burn and you will feel the bad effects. One thing you need to know is that no matter how small the battery capacity and also the electric current generated, the effects of the explosion that occur will be very dangerous for yourself.

How? Still want to try e-cigarettes when you know what the dangers are? Hopefully the information we provide above is regarding E-Cigarette Product Dangerous Facts helpful.

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