Dancing, Raimondo Todaro: «In the final with a broken foot». Elisa Isoardi in tears: “Grandmother is not well …”

Elisa Isoardi e Raimondo Todaro, returning from the final of Dancing with the Stars, are guests of Francesca Fialdini a With us … freewheeling. The dancer, just entered the studio, makes a revelation: «I was injured, before the final I was broken a foot».

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Raimondo Todaro in fact he explained: «I had an accident on Friday, I won’t tell you how, but I was silent and I didn’t even want to do the X-ray because the doctor had already told me that my foot was broken. There is a bit of disappointment, not so much for the result, but for other things that saddened me. But I prefer to keep them to myself ». In Francesca Fialdini’s studio, a clip retraces the couple’s difficult journey: Raimondo Todaro had appendicitis, Elisa Isoardi instead a foot injury. Before the last, serious injury occurred to the dancer less than 24 hours before the final of Ballando.

Elisa Isoardi e Raimondo Todaro, then, they exchange their respective roles. The dancer, defined by the presenter as «a wonderful man and a splendid dad», admits: «I’d like to try the road of television management». And that’s why Raimondo Todaro ventures into the new role, asking playful questions a Elisa Isoardi: “Would you run a program with that ‘beef’ you paired with at Ballando?” The presenter then engages in a solitary dance, to which she also lends herself Francesca Fialdini. The result is a strange warning from Elisa Isoardi a Raimondo Todaror: “I don’t make you dance with this one, it’s too sexy.”

Laughter soon turns to tears. TO Elisa Isoardi in fact, a video message from mom, Irma, and the presenter is moved: «I haven’t seen mom since last Christmas. Unfortunately grandmother is not well and she decided to stay next to her. With Covid, the situation is very difficult, parents and grandparents are left alone to fight and die, we are all very afraid of being in contact with them “.

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