Dance Parade this Saturday in Manhattan

Andres Bravo and Sarita Apel came to rehearse what they will do for the first time during the Dance Parade or the Dance Parade in New York.

“Very happy that people join us and learn a little more about the culture of tango”, said Andrés Bravo, Professional Tango Dancer.

Andres started dancing tango at the age of eleven in his native Colombia, while Sarita comes from Germany and did not start practicing it until she was 23 but has been a ballet dancer since she was a child.

They met in 2018 during a milonga in New York and since then they have not stopped dancing and teaching Tango together. They were National champions in 2019 and represented the United States at the World Tango Championship in Argentina.

They along with their other partners who come from Argentina, Colombia and Chile are part of the 100 types of dance that will be presented during the event that returns to the streets of New York.

“ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE DANCE PARADE! We are jumping for joy, stamping our feet, floating in the air and madly anticipating! See you tomorrow at noon on Broadway and 20th St.!” reads a message on social networks about the Parade.

There is a lot of excitement for this parade after two virtual years, said Dance Parade organization director Greg Miller.

He added that although they have presented Tango dance groups before, for the first time they will have musicians playing live while these couples offer a show for all audiences.

Also, as a protocol for COVID-19, Greg said that they will have disinfectants throughout the route of the stop.

For these professional dancers, it is very important that people see tango as a dance that they can learn without fear, since according to them, many people think it is difficult.

“The most important thing about Tango is walking, hugging and listening to the music, the music is very beautiful”, said Sarita Apel.

During his presentation, Andres and his colleagues will teach a class for beginners, like me. There will be Tango dancers from different parts of the city.

“We want to show the two parts of tango, which is the social part and the stage part,” added Bravo.

The dance parade starts at 12 noon this Saturday.

NY1 Noticias is one of the sponsors of the event that will feature different dances and choreographies. The tour will start at 20th Street and Broadway until it reaches the stages set up at Tompkins Square Park and Avenue A.

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