Damian Lillard’s theory to explain all the blowouts this season

After only a big week of competition, a trend is already emerging this season, and gives pride of place to big gaps. Damian Lillard believes he knows the reason for these repeated demolitions.

It didn’t take long for observers to observe the pattern taking shape. For the first meeting of the 2020-21 season, the Nets offered the Warriors a monumental rouste. The evenings that followed saw this type of scenario repeat itself, sometimes excessively. The historic beating suffered by the Clippers against Dallas is undoubtedly the best example.

The Blazers were also entitled to their correction, and this, from their restart. Defeated by 20 points by the Jazz, Damian Lillard and his teammates were nevertheless able to correct the situation afterwards, and string together two more narrow victories. The star leader nevertheless thinks he knows one of the reasons that justifies all these routs, and delivered it to the microphone of Yahoo! Sports.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned it, but I would say it has to do with the environment in which we play. We find ourselves in these big rooms, without fans, having barely had time to turn the page of last season. Some players have yet to get started, and are struggling to create their own energy.

The closed session imposed in most American states does not make a lot of talk during press conferences, but must indeed play a role in the conduct of matches. Not feeling pushed by the usual crowd, some players may be tempted to let go more easily when a match begins to elude them.

One can easily imagine that the Clippers, after a failed start to the game against Dallas, would have displayed more pride with a Staples Center filled. The hypothesis can also be applied to Heat, humiliated at home by the Bucks in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. However, the league will have to get used to this data, which should not be changed anytime soon.

The underpants have been increasing in recent days, and the absence of fans in theaters would have its share of guilt in this pattern. In any case, this is the version defended by Damian Lillard.


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