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Thousands of euros in price list damage Sistine Madonna

European activists have glued to the streets or in museums in recent weeks to draw attention to climate change. This also happened in Dresden, Germany, where a man and woman died in August glue to the Sistine Madonna. The umbrella organization of the Dresden Museums reports that between 3,000 and 5,000 euros are needed to restore the painting’s frame.

NUjij’er Limbabwaan does not understand the action:

“Demonstrating is a great asset that fortunately we have in free countries. But the right to demonstrate does not give protesters the freedom to violate other laws and freedoms. No matter how important the cause they are demonstrating may be.”

“This is only deliberately destroying other people’s property. I have absolutely no appreciation for it. Whatever deceptive argument lies behind it to justify it. The environment offers enough reasons to prove, but not in this way.”

Sunak succeeds Truss as the new British Prime Minister

42-year-old Rishi Sunak was the only viable candidate to replace the resigning Lizz Truss to follow as leader of the Conservative party and as British Prime Minister. Sunak is the first Prime Minister of color and the first Hindu Prime Minister.

User Scott_Hedrickx is happy with the new premier:

“Sunak was already the best candidate in the first election. But Boris Johnson’s conservatives gave him the stamp of Judas (due to the fall of Boris’ government) and then they voted for a nomination for Truss. I think the British can finally get along with this guy. “

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“I’m curious how Sunak will deal with the current problem. As an economist, he is known for a more moderate approach. Truss’s plans have done a lot of damage in recent weeks and this man may have to go a little beyond his original position to getting it back “fixes”.

“At least he doesn’t have to do it for the money. The best man is almost a billionaire.”

La_Poltrona user is also happy with Sunak, but he would have preferred to see new elections:

“A conservative prime minister with substance for a long time, it seems. No populist who comes up with easy solutions and then plunges the UK further into the abyss. But if you are so morally bankrupt after May, Johnson and Truss, in reality it is. it’s time for general elections. Of course, the Conservatives will die because they lose them now. But it would be nice to write them now. “

Private label ALDI as expensive as Albert Heijn’s

Anyone who buys private label products at the supermarket will spend as much at ALDI as at Albert Heijn. That concludes the Consumers’ Association, which examined the prices of over one hundred basic products at the fourteen largest chains in our country.

Six now Stefan020 says he makes fun of himself while shopping:

“It strikes me that mainly I make fun of myself. I shop at both Lidl and Albert Heijn. At Albert Heijn I go out with a bag with a price that is double the price of an entire cart full But if you look at what you buy, yeah it turns out that I go to Lidl for items that are very different from the ones I buy at Albert Heijn. “

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“At Lidl I buy more pantry bulk goods that I can use for a while, as I go to AH for luxury tapas, fresh produce, impulse shopping for appetite, branded items and items they don’t sell at Lidl. So in my head I compare apples to oranges, which makes the difference between AH and Lidl seem bigger than it actually is. Fortunately, I realize that myself. “

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