Damage caused by storms throughout Germany: Which insurance companies pay for what?

Large parts of Franconia and Germany were hit by a storm on Friday evening (May 20, 2022). Clean-up work is now beginning in many places.

Damage costs can quickly go through the roof. But who is financially responsible for this? An expert explains.

Damage to the car after a storm: where the insurance comes in

Who pays for damage caused by storms and storms? Broken branches or bricks can quickly lead to significant damage, for example to cars. For Uwe Dressel, spokesman for the district of Northern Bavaria in the Federal Association of German Insurance Merchants (BVK), this is a clear case: “The comprehensive insurance companies pay, although less agreed deductibles, but without discount deductions,” said the expert in February after the storms Zeynep and Ylenia. The corn storms are no different. This damage occurred on Friday evening in the Bayreuth region.

From wind force 8 – that is 62.1 kilometers per hour and more – the building and household insurance companies are also responsible for compensation. The consequences: bent and uprooted trees, covered roofs, smashed windows, floods. The building insurance or, in the case of tenants, the household contents insurance are responsible for the financial compensation for this storm damage, according to the message.

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