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Dallas Cowboys; Mattress Mack returns to the charge with a million-dollar bet in favor of the Texans

The divisional round of the NFL He left several attractive duels, but none like the one he is going to face Dallas Cowboys y San Francisco 49ersto the extent that the well-known businessman ‘Mattress Mack’ once again shows his faith and support for sports franchises in Texas by betting $2 million on two separate lines, for the lone star to win.

A few months ago, Jim McIngvale, the real name of the owner of a furniture store located in Dallas, became famous for betting $10 million that Houston Astros would win the World Series contra Philadelphia Philliesin an investment that left him 75 million profits, for which he hopes to repeat his success.

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The moment was immortalized by Caesars Sportsbook, where he presented the money in cash to bet on the Cowboys, where every million bet would leave him an estimated $3.35 million as a prize, for a total of $7 million if he was right. the two routes.

Previously, Mack bet 200,000 dollars on the triumph of the Texan team as champions of the National Conference, and therefore, participate in the Super Bowl, especially given the good luck that he has produced with his transactions, as happened with the comeback of the Astros. in the Fall Classic.

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Everything in favor of your clients

It should be remembered that all bets made by Mattress Mack are part of the “Dallas Wins, You Win” promotion, where customers who buy more than $3,000 worth of merchandise in her store will be able to get their money back, since the winnings of the invested in sports forecasts are the ones that finance their mechanics to encourage purchases.

The Cowboys and 49ers rivalry has been very followed in recent years, to the extent that the popularity of the league has increased thanks to the gradual international exposure of both teams, in addition to the fact that the San Francisco team had been the last defeated by the Texans as visitors in the postseason since 1993, at least until their victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Monday.

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