Dairis Bertans and Inna: A Love Story Fueled by Family, Faith, and “Chilli Pepper”

The couple’s love continues to burn with a glowing flame as the years go by, keeping the “chilli pepper” in the relationship.

Bertans found on “Instagram” that family, family faith is the key to his success.

After Dairis published a picture of him posing in underwear with his wife, the athlete prefers “Calvin Klein” tight boxer shorts.

However, Inna poses in white panties and a black jacket, under which there is a bare torso.

“I want to be the reason why you turn your phone slightly away from others when you read my messages,” Dairis captioned the shot.

To which Inna replies that she is crazy about Dair, about their love.

Dairis and Inna got married in 2015, son Daniel was born in 2016, and in 2021 the couple became parents to a daughter.

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2023-06-10 11:06:32
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