Daily US Coronavirus Infections Reach New Record | Abroad

The new number was 12,000 higher than Thursday, surpassing the previous record set in mid-July, when 77,000 cases were recorded.

The grim milestone came a day after President Donald Trump claimed in the last presidential election debate on Thursday that the US was “turning the corner” with Covid-19 and that the virus was “leaving.”

The coronavirus has infected nearly 8.5 million people and has resulted in the deaths of about 224,000 people in the US, far more than in any other country, according to the Baltimore-based university.

Experts believe that the number of contamination cases is probably much higher than the official number.

Midwestern states are now facing major outbreaks in what is considered the country’s third peak. In earlier stages, the pandemic hit the Northeast, then the South and West.

Also listen to the Telegraaf podcast about the American elections: Trump vs. Biden – the fight. This week, Thijs Wolters and Frank van Vliet discuss the striking details from the debate:

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