Daily Update: Increasing Military Clashes and Retaliatory Strikes in Ukraine

Daily Update: Increasing Military Clashes and Retaliatory Strikes in Ukraine

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In Ukraine, active hostilities continue along the entire front line, and the number of military clashes is increasing, and with them the number of missile and drone strikes by the Russians against civilian infrastructure. At the same time, unlike the previous year, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have the necessary means to deliver retaliatory strikes against the rear of the occupiers.

In this material, Telegraph talks about the main events in Ukraine and the world on September 26, but more up-to-date information can be obtained in our Telegram channel follow this link.

6:00 Morning! We have collected news for you that you may have overslept:

In a number of regions of Ukraine, air raid signals sounded that night. The reason is the launch of several “herds” of Shahed-type drones at once. The sounds of explosions were reported in the Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev and Odessa regions. The consequences are being clarified; the occupied Crimean peninsula was also restless that night. In particular, Sevastopol “caught” greetings in the form of drones and, according to the Russians, even missiles. It was reported that an attack could have been carried out on the Belbek airfield; German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock assured that her country has no internal fatigue from Ukraine despite any economic problems, writes CNN; the Latvian police warned: they are going to fine drivers in vehicles which will be noticed by “provocative inscriptions in Russian.” In particular, we are talking about “identification” stickers that citizens of the aggressor country love to hang up – with the words “I am Russian” or “I am Russian.” Such drivers may even face a fine for promoting military aggression.

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00:00 Six Tu-95 bombers and two Tu-22 took off from the Olenya airfield near Murmansk, and there are also reports of attack UAVs in the Black Sea.

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For information on September 25, see the link: War – day 579: The Ukrainian Armed Forces are “grinding” the invaders at the fronts, and in the deep rear of the Russians the sound of “bavovna” is increasingly heard

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