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Original Title: Daily Broadcast: Coach Desi Whispers of Great Things Phil Krueger’s Best Player

News on November 28 Beijing time last night and early this morning, the second round of Group E and Group F matches of the Qatar World Cup 2022 ended. In the 4 games, Japan lost 0-1 against Costa Rica and Spain drew 1 -1 with Germany, Belgium was defeated by Morocco 0-2 and Croatia upset the Canadian team 4-1.

The 4 matches were exciting, first let’s take a look at the selection of the best players of this day:

In this match, the Costa Rican defender helped the team score the tradition goal. Fuller played 90 minutes and scored with just one shot. Performed consistently in the back line, Contributed 4 clearances, 2 steals, Touched the ball 38 times, Passed The ball hit rate is 76% Won the ball 5 times in 10 ground encounters and dribbled the ball 3 times. He also helped Costa Rica maintain their hopes of qualifying for the group stage, not to mention that this is the case after losing 0-7 in their opening match. No one in the world is optimistic about Costa Rica except themselves. .

Morocco defeated Belgium 2-0 in this round of play. Ziyech, who played for Chelsea in the Premier League, has performed well. He first scored a free kick in the first half and was blown away, and then scored a goal to seal the win before the end of the game Assists, as well as 2 key passes, as a 7-time wide player 4-time dribbled with success, he touched the ball 56 times, the pass success rate was 76%, there was 1 interception and 3 steals in the defensive line, the game He was also officially named the best player of the game.

After conceding one goal in their opening match, Croatia scored four goals in a row to get an upset. Forward Kramaric played 73 minutes, contributed 5 shots, scored twice and missed two excellent scoring chances, touching the ball 42 times , Pass success rate was 87% His excellent performance also demonstrated Croatia’s offensive strength towards the outside world.

In the battle of life and death, he was still behind at 83 minutes and was out without scoring. In the face of such enormous pressure, Phil Kruger staged a surprise substitute, played 20 minutes, scored 1 goal with 3 shots and took the German team out of the game. The team edge was pulled back and the center still has to rely on the center to fix the problem when in a desperate situation.

In such an important game, in such a tense atmosphere and under such tremendous pressure, Phil Kruger saved a country’s hope in less than 20 minutes, and the substitute striker deserved. PS: The next round of competitions should be able to become regular.

After the selection of the best players, some interesting stories that happened on the sidelines of these games, let’s take a look:

The most interesting moment 1: Mr. Lu gave the opportunity to the outside

In the 65th minute of Belgium’s 0-2 loss to Morocco, the delay in starting the game also made the Belgian players very anxious. Lu Yuanwai, who did not get a chance to play, also started to challenge his teammates on the sidelines. saw it Seeing the opportunity, he stood next to De Bruyne to teach the opportunity, but Lukaku’s suggestion did not seem to be effective, and after playing he had no chance, and this scene was also attracted to many fans. the game, the “elaborate” was released, and Lu Yuanwai became the target of spoofing again.

The most interesting moment 2: Batshua Yi Tuoxi shows the manicure

It was still Belgium – Morocco 0-2. As Belgium conceded their second goal at the last moment, the camera showed the bench on the sidelines. Michy Batshuayi was very confused thinking about it, and the attention of the fans was this The panda manicure on a forward’s fingers, remember the hilarious photo of him kicking himself in the last World Cup?

Funniest moment 3: The two West German coaches whisper to each other

Following Spain’s 1-1 draw with Germany, Spanish coach Enrique and German coach Flick chatted on the sidelines. Enrique put his arms around Flick’s shoulders and whispered something in his ear. This scene is the same It was recorded by fans and after the second processing, it was re-released. I have to say that the moods of the two coaches were really different at that time.

After the selection, we assigned the most interesting moment to: Mr. Lu gave the opportunity

Lukaku, Belgium’s number one centre-forward, was supposed to charge and kill the opponent on the pitch, but now he has become the spiritual leader of the team + half coach, calling the team before the match and giving advice to his teammates during the match He really considers himself a coach, but his performance after playing can only be said to be unsatisfactory.

After talking about the match, bloody things have been happening outside of the World Cup these days, let’s take a look at the bloodiest plot of this issue:

Dog Blood Story 1: Mori Hoichi’s Bizarre Adventure

After the Japanese team’s loss to Costa Rica, coach Mori Hoichi was once again pushed to the forefront. In the first two games, the Japanese coach seemed to be on a roller coaster. He was called out of the class before playing against Germany, and was praised as a god-like performance after Germany won. After losing to Costa Rica, they were criticized by the outside world for their incompetence. There are a bunch of fans inside and out.

Dog blood plot 2: separation and reunion of Icardi and Wanda

Icardi, who did not make it to the World Cup, stole the limelight from his Argentine companions elsewhere, announcing on social media two days ago that he and Wanda had met again and started showing affection again. Fans have already witnessed this wave of operations. , A good month, divided into a month and another good month, this is no longer a series, the truth of the Tin Woodman has been cured.

Dogblood plot three: on purpose!Official pre-game leader of the US team

Just before the third round of the group match between the US and Iran teams, the US team’s official social platform released a group stage standings. In this image, the national emblem of the Iranian flag has been removed. For known reasons, the match between the United States and Iran has attracted a lot of attention, and this kind of bloody operation can only be carried out by the United States, leading to war before the match? This is the way you want to play.

In the end, netizens told the bloodiest storyline of this issue: Mori Yasuichi’s Bizarre Adventure

If you lose, you will be scolded, and if you win, you will be praised. This plot should be familiar to us Chinese fans. One game is good and the other is bad, so should we perform like a god when playing Spain? Regardless of the final result, based on Mori Yasuichi’s coaching level, it is estimated that he will only be able to step down after the World Cup.

Finally, let’s take a look at netizens’ comments on the 4 matches between Group E and Group F.

The first was Japan’s 0-1 match against Costa Rica. Some netizens commented, “If you underestimate your opponent, you will pay the price! There was also an Asian team 20 years ago who thought they could win Costa Rica (dog’s head).”

Someone else said, “If you win in Germany, do you think you’re top 10 in the world? How can you be sure you’ll get a big rotation, or if you don’t qualify, you’ll die yourself.”

“After the first round, Saudi Arabia has become the light of Asia. Japan’s YYDS team, however, Iran, as the number one in Asia, lost too badly. After the second round, Iran has major odds of qualifying. Heaven and hell are so exciting.”

Then came the Belgium – Morocco 0-2 match. Some netizens commented, “Moroccan football, the purest football, the most advanced entertainment.”

“Is Belgium’s world ranking bought? It only took Lukaku 80 minutes. The European Red Devils are already out of breath.”

Some fans commented: “Ding Ding: who are the Manchester City teammates and who is the national team? Can they match? They can’t match.”

Regarding Croatia’s 4-1 defeat of Canada, some fans said: “It turns out that it’s not Canada that is too strong, but Belgium that is too weak.”

Another netizen wrote, “A group of veterans used their strength and attitude to respond to their opponents’ ignorant ridicule before the match!”

“The Curse of the Host: This Host and the Next Host Became the First Two Teams to Go Out.”

Finally, some fans commented on Spain’s 1-1 draw with Germany: “The big center will never go out of style! You can use it, but you can’t.”

“In the last round of the battle for life and death, Spain dare not lose, Japan can not lose, but Germany’s small machine is relatively simple, just try to get the goal difference, and if you can’t do it, you can do it just go home”.

Some netizens commented, “Fans who are the last of the group laugh more hahahaha.” (DD)Come back to Sohu to see more

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