Daily organic catering for 63 children’s gardens – Gutach im Breisgau

From electrical mechanic to successful organic caterer: Albert Whrle built up Grokche / fresh produce from the region / now business handover after 26 years.

From electrical mechanic to successful organic caterer: Albert Whrle’s résumé is anything but straightforward. Now the 67-year-old is handing over his business to younger hands.


Albert Whrle comes from a family of bakers in the Kinzig valley and first took up the profession his father would have liked to have chosen: electrical mechanic. Then he studied social work and worked at the Denzlinger youth center from 1980 to 1984. There he met the Hfflin family from the organic farm “Sdhof” and decided to switch. From 1984 to 1987 he cooked in the legendary Kollnauer “Lwen”, the “beer pub with culture”. Then he took over the “Sonne” in Kollnau, which he ran as a vegetarian restaurant until 1994. Eventually he switched to catering.

It reached today’s dimensions of around 1650 meals per day for 63 kindergartens in the Waldkirch and Freiburg area four years ago. The delivery service for kindergarten started in 1998 with an inquiry from Birgit Bauer, the director of the rainbow kindergarten. Whrle agreed and cooked, …

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